Monday, July 18, 2011

Our New Car!

So, the new car we picked is..... THE FORD EXPLORER!  The Mazda just didn't have enough room in it, the Enclave wasn't awesome enough to pay more for it (and too much wood trim), and the Highlander was too small and not comfortable enough.  It came down to the Traverse and the Explorer.  We really wanted to buy American and both are great SUV's.  The Traverse had more room in the back but the Ford was so awesome for the driver and passenger.  And Andrew was so darn happy in it with all of it's toys and features.  I think we'll love it and it'll be an exciting, yet comfortable car for us for YEARS.  Here are some lovely pictures (again) to help you get a better idea of what we love.

Modern, yet classic looks.  Ours is white just like this!

Sleek, beautiful interior.  Ours is black just like this.

Modern console - the big selling feature.  We love!!!

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