Thursday, July 28, 2011

Frosted or clear?

We need help!  You don't hear/see that coming from my mouth/fingertips often so lets take a moment to acknowledge this.  "Great job for admitting you need help, Christina!"  Okay, done!

Andrew and I have to decide on a new shower door.  We had a new tub and shower put in about 2 weeks ago and we had to special order a shower door if we wanted frosted glass.  We decided we wanted frosted glass so we waited for it to come in.  Well the door was broken when the contractor went to pick it up from Home Depot so now we either order a new one and wait again or we just get what they have in stock, clear glass.  This brings back the frosted vs. clear debate and we're suddenly more torn this time around.  What should we get?

Only a stock photo, our shower is not this nice!
Clear glass pros:
  • It makes the bathroom seem bigger and since the shower is the first thing you see as you go into the bathroom, it will be nice to have a bigger, more open feel.  
  • We can get it quickly.  
  • It might motivate us to keep the bottles of beautifying agents more tidy. 

Clear glass cons:
  • If we don't keep the beautifying agents tidy, it will look terrible.  
  • Water spots will show a lot easier.  
  • We have to clean more often.

Again, a stock photo.  Our shower is not this sleek and cool.
Frosted glass pros:
  • Shows less spots.  
  • Clean less often.  
  • No biggie if bottles of magic potions aren't tidy.

Frosted glass cons:
  • The shower is the first thing you see and creates a narrow walkway into the bathroom so it might make the room feel smaller/more crowded.  
  • We have to wait to get it.
So, what do we do?  Are there some pros and cons I'm leaving out?


  1. Go frosted! Husband and I did a lot of house-sitting last year and all the places with clear were annoying. You have to squeegee them after EACH use. Ack. And, I felt self conscious. I like not being able to be seen during a shower.

  2. Hmm...also, a frosted pro is the privacy. With that said, I would choose clear [we HAVE chosen clear for our current MB glass surround shower]. I have not kept it super duper clean in the 4.5 years we've been here...but it has been clean enough and I don't stress over it. Yes, you do have to clean it more often, but why not? Everyone needs a nice clean shower. And you can keep a squeegee in the shower...or a sponge...and either squeegee it almost every time you finish showering...or sponge it down once a week while you're in there. It's really not that big a deal! And you will LOVE the way it looks! =-)