Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Andrew, the video game star!

Last  year I posted something on facebook about Andrew taking a trip to Liquid Entertainment in Pasadena because his friend Steve works there and decided Andrew's likeness was exactly what the company needed in their new game!  So he went up there and they photographed him and a bunch of time passed, then just yesterday Steve emailed him that the game was up and running.  He got the email on our evening walk around the neighborhood with our dogs but Andrew couldn't log into the game right away (No Flash? Still, AT&T?  Really?  Lame!) so he had to wait a whole hour to see it!  It was torture I tell you, TORTURE! But when we got home, he rushed to his computer and logged onto the game.  The game is called Deadline Hollywood.  I guess it's like those other online games like Mafia Wars and Farm Town, etc.  I don't know exactly because I don't play those games.  But that's besides the point.  Andrew is in the game!  He's one of the characters you can choose!  Take a look:

That's so cool, right?  We think it's so cool.  It's very clearly Andrew... not just a "sorta" image, it's totally him!  I made the image his new profile pic on facebook:

My husband is a video game star!  But don't worry.  We'll remember the little people.

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